Candeo InfoTech Private Ltd


The team members of Candeo have the following products developed.

Pro:FIN(Integrated Financial Accounting System

Pro:TAS Finance has been developed exclusively to meet the needs of the travel industry in a high volume business environment, where demand for sophisticated analysis & reporting happens on a daily basis. This system meets the needs of the travel accountant in a complex business environment, responding to the demand for sophisticated Queries, Reporting and analysis. A Complete financial accounting system with integrated Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger & Dynamic Report Generator Tool, a system recognised as an industry leader in travel related finance.

This product is completely integrated to Microsoft Office applications giving the user the opportunity to convert on screen data efficiently into Word or Excel Documents at the ‘click’ of a mouse. Although a relatively small feature it is just one of many efficient tools built into Pro:TAS Finance.

Pro:PJC(Printer Job Control)

The application handles all the Reports printing which are processed through Oracle procedures, which fires the job automatically when it is completed to the assigned printer or sends the report through Mail or Export the report in Excel, Rich Text Format or in PDF format automatically without any user interaction.

Pro:FAX (Fax Server Module)

Pro FAX is a fax-enabled module, It can be used by Pro:TAS Finance Client application to send their statement of account through fax to recipients. This application is build on FAX Service, which is available in Windows 2000 / Windows XP Operation System.

Pro:DBTool(Database Creation Tool)

This enables the client to create the database and tables required to run the Finance application with atmost ease. This application creates all the required tables, indexes and procedures automatically without any manual intervention or expertise.

Pro:ICS (Internal Control System)

This application is used by Procon Solutions for registering and tracking the documents and enables the project co-ordinators to generate and prints the Invoice for the customers. This system is integrated to the Finance application.


This application is designed to handle the complete Production line management from acceptance of an order, printing packing and delivery note, maintaining stocks, purchase order entry , printing and printing the Invoice.